THE #1 REASON Why Most People FAIL When They Try Keto... 
And How to Avoid This One Simple Mistake.
LATEST RESEARCH REVEALS: 9 Out of 10 Keto Diets Actually 
Cause You to Gain Weight Back 300% Faster...
Read more to learn how Naomi has already transformed 1000's of lives with her revolutionary approach to KETO.  PLUS...see if you qualify to get a VIP invite to her exclusive private facebook group....
Read more to learn how Naomi has already transformed 1000's of lives with her revolutionary approach to KETO.  PLUS...see if you qualify to get a VIP invite to her exclusive private facebook group....
It Doesn't Have To Be Hard!
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 learn how thousands  
have achieved a lean, healthy body with...
Learn how one woman's tireless pursuit of health and wellness has led to a weight-loss revolution...

Right now if I could wish just one wish for you... 

Dream ONE big dream....

 It would be that you let me take you by the hand and guide you to your ideal you.  

What's your ideal you? 

Only you know that.

While there will be so many people you will look at and see their before and after's...

I want to give you permission to NOT compare yourself to them.

Instead, I want you to think about what your ideal YOU is.

Not the one you saw in the mirror today, but the one you know is in there, waiting to come out.

Now when it comes to HEATHY LIVING, and ultimately losing weight...

Everyone wearily thinks the same thing.

"I need to cut out fat and exercise more."

It may surprise you to hear...

That couldn't be more wrong.

I want you to eat more fat.

Frankly, the exercise is only there to take you that last 20% if you need it.

You can get 80% of your results through food alone.

I'm not talking about eating any food.

I don't want you to suffer through a "diet."

I'm talking about burning your stubborn body fat by eating delicious fatty foodPizza, Burgers, Cookies...

We have delicious recipes that leave you feeling like you're cheating, when you're really not.

You need three things to have long-term success.

1) You need a tribe. You need to simultaneously experience others taking the same challenge, at the same time, to support you and hold you accountable. (Secret: This is why people pay $75 an hour to a personal trainer)

2) You need a simple, easy-to-follow plan, with fail proof results. Something you can stick to at home, or on the go.

3) You need the right food...fatty foods : ) 

It makes sense RIGHT?!

That is why I created the 30 day challenge. 

       who am I?
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Hello! I'm Naomi.
Wellness explorer, Mother, Wife, CEO-and insatiably curious about the healing power of the Earth’s most precious ingredients. 

Through all of my travels, and my day-to-day life as a busy CEO, wife, and mother, I have had to seek out the best possible ways to maximize my health and vitality in the least amount of time. What I’ve learned to be true: the smallest changes can make a world of impact.

I want to share all of this with you as we take this journey together. Working closely with those I’ve met around the world, along with world-renowned scientists, researchers and doctors, I am proud to say that each and every day, we unlock the key to breakthroughs that will improve YOUR everyday life.
Introducing the Keto Revolution!
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Keto Revolution
           30 Day Challenge
I'm going to ask for just 30 short days of your life.

30 days where you will commit to the new you.

30 days where you will join thousands of others (live with me). 

Where we are going to dive in and improve health, vitality, and wellbeing.

We are going to cook together.

We are going to celebrate each other's successes.

We are going to pick each other up when we fall down.

You'll have your tribe.

A tribe you can count on in your time of need.

We are going to do this together.

Here is my promise to you:

I am going to show you all the tips and quick switches that will shortcut your success and really skip all the "tough stuff"  so you can achieve your perfect you.

Whether you have more than 30 lbs to lose, or you are just looking to shred that last 10...

I can help you get there.

This 30 day challenge will be tailored to different fitness levels so no matter where you are in your journey, you will have a home with us.

We will start the revolution together.

As a matter of fact, you can join the group immediately, and start interacting with everyone else that has already begun their challenge journey. 

We will work on mindset in the coming month to get you ready for your personal challenge

If you are an over-achiever, or just like a healthy challenge, and you want to cheat a little on the contest...

You can even start early!


The day you get your ticket to the challenge, you will get everything you need to get in Keto and stay in Keto right away... 

...Or you can wait to start your challenge in the group - Your choice! ;)

need to see it to believe it?
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Ally struggled with baby weight after her second child was born. 

For years, she suffered through failing diets. Once Ally discovered this Keto plan, she lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks (and that was just the beginning.)
discover the. . .
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WEEKS 1 & 2
Start to layout the groundwork for your body to successfully go full keto! We'll learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about fat and carbohydrates, and understand the role protein plays in ketosis. 

We'll start by increasing your fat intake so that your body will start to utilize body fat as fuel, to help with weight loss, decrease sugar cravings, give you more energy, and enhance mental clarity.
  •  diy meal plan
  •  arranged meal plan
  •  step-by-step daily schedule
  •  shopping list
  •  tools to help create a positive mindset
  • workbook to help you set goals and keep a journal
The biggest reasons that diets fail are that we're not ready, and we are full of toxins that cause inflammation and don't allow our bodies to absorb the nutrients that we need to be successful fat burners. 

The first week will guide you through properly becoming "fat-adapted" with a comprehensive prep and detox phase through diet and self-care.  
  •  adrenal and digestive detox
  •  arranged meal plan
  •  prep to do list 
  •  shopping list
  •  tools to help create a positive mindset
  •  step by step daily schedule
  • workbook to help you set goals and keep a journal
WEEKS 3 & 4
Finishing the transition from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner! You'll learn two different approaches to keto: Traditional and Intuitive. 

You'll also start to understand the right amount of protein, carbs and fat your unique body needs so that you experience everything the ketogenic diet can provide.
  •  quiz to determine what approach is right for you
  •  arranged meal plan
  •  diy meal plan
  •  shopping list
  • step by step daily schedule
  •  tools to help create a positive mindset
  •  workbook to help you set goals and keep a journal
bonus gifts!
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recipe book 
Over 120 recipes! This gives you every single meal that is laid out for you in the program with of course some extras! 
  •  smoothies
  •  omelets
  •  muffins
  •  waffles
  •  and even donut recipes!
lunch & dinners
  •  burgers
  •  sandwiches
  •  stir fry
  •  meatballs
  •  salads
  •  mac n' cheese
  •  soups
  •  and even includes the side dish recipes!
  •  dips
  •  fat bombs
  •  even keto oreos!
bonus guide
The ultimate bonus guide. . . giving you tips and tricks that help you throughout the 30 day keto revolution challange! 
bonus topics
  •  tips for meal prep
  •  five ways to maximize time in the kitchen
  •  tips for dining out
  •  how to order at restaurants
  •  seven ways to eat on a budget
  •  top four mistakes people make 
  •  how to keto on a budget
  •  ten tips to cut cravings 
  •  ways to boost energy
  •  ten signs you're in ketosis
  •  keto myths
  •  seven keto hacks
  •  keto Q&A
  •  vegan and vegetarian considerations
  •  and yoga poses!
Are You Ready For Your Challenge?
I want you to say YES to this offer for the 30 Day Challenge. I want you to make your life healthier, more supported, and feel pride at finishing this 30 Day Challenge. That is why the cost of this program comes with a 100% RISK FREE Guarantee!

That's right, you must feel that you MET YOUR GOALS or IT’S FREE!

Talk is cheap, that's why I put my money where my mouth is! Try the 30 Day Challenge, then take some time to ensure the transformation you've created is real, and long-term. In fact, take 30 days, just to be sure!

If within 30 days from purchasing the program you're not completely, 100% satisfied... If your friends and family don't acknowledge how amazing and vibrant you look... Then I'll refund all of your money. No questions, no hassle. I'm dead serious.

But that's not all...
IT'S ONLY $10!!
Sara started gaining weight in her early 30’s. She incorporated some exercise and 1 tablespoon of MCT Oil into her coffee every morning, and . . .

the truth         about fat?
the truth             
          about fat?

We have been lied to our entire lives! If you think about how it all started in elementary school, learning about the food pyramid...

It went like this....

We all remember this, right?! 

We used to say it over and over again in class...

"All together now" our teacher would say like they were programming us...

...And they were!

So it's no wonder we all struggle with obesity.  

It was taught to our parents by mainstream media.

It was taught to our schools by the government.

It was taught to us by ALL OF THEM.

Breaking that cycle (and breaking over three decades of programming and bad information) is tough!

The good news is....

This message is finally changing our world.

We've all heard it...


I don't need to spend a bunch of time convincing you of that, but WITHOUT QUESTION...

The KETO diet has quickly become THE HOTTEST diet in America.

Like all things that grow in popularity quickly, it leaves A LOT of bad information out there.

I talk to thousands of men and women, just like you, and so many have tried and failed the KETO diet or a form of it at least once...

...Or they know someone that did, so they are holding out saying it doesn't work...

...Or they've heard it's not good for women (which is a lie, you just have to do it right)...

By "right," I mean you need a VERY prescriptive journey...

...And what I mean by that is you need a simple, easy-to-follow, fool-proof system that allows you to easily avoid the typical problems that are associated with doing wrong.
besides rapid fat loss. . . there is more!
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Reducing and removing the high-sugar and carb-heavy foods will reduce your blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces inflammation. The benefits are reduced pain, and reduced chance of chronic illness.
There's nothing more empowering than natural beauty. Most participants can realize clearer skin and a natural glow once in ketosis. And with reduced inflammation, puffiness and acne can reduce as well.  
When you begin breaking down your own body fat, and using it as an energy source, you'll start experience increased and sustained energy levels. Gone are the days of fueling your body with sugar, and fighting the inevitable crash that follows.
Ketones are an extremely powerful fuel source for the brain. Many ketogenic dieters report increased clarity and improved brain function. 
Ketoers also experience reduced appetite while on the diet. Eating more high quality fat, protein, and fiber results in feeling fuller longer.
Bill Stevens has struggled with his weight all his life. Recent health concerns caused him to look for a new way of life. By incorporating the MCT's into his everyday routine. . .

He lost 68 pounds in 6 months and got off all of his medications.
here's what you'll get
     when you say "YES" today!
My challenge is designed so that your goals can be reached without strenuous exercise (or any at all if you choose), without giving up your favorite foods, and without taking longer than 15 minutes in the kitchen to prepare the meals I'll teach you! 

 And don't worry - if you don't have time I will give you all the tips and tricks for eating out.
A detailed, step-by-step guide for your first two weeks. Increasing your fat intake so that your body will start to utilize fat as fuel. 

The ultimate outline to finishing the transition from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner!
Over 120 recipes! This gives you every single meal that is laid out for you in the program with of course some extras! 
The ultimate bonus guide. . . giving you tips and tricks that help you throughout the 30 day keto revolution challange! 
 Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you will be guided with daily motivation, and provided answers to any questions you may have!

Al was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and sleep apnea, among other health concerns. He adopted a high-fat, low- carb diet including MCT oil . . .

Al not only lost the excess weight, but cured his diabetes and sleep apnea!
For just $10 you're getting ALL OF THIS!!
  • 30 Day Keto Revolution: Week 1&2 and Week 3&4 books detailing all 30 days! 
  • Recipe Book: Over 130 pg recipe book!
  •  Bonus Guide: Filled with TONS of information that will help you through your journey!
  •  Facebook Group Access: You'll have NAOMI WHITTEL herself and a tribe of people to help you and motivate you!